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Tooth-Colored Fillings Century City

Tooth-colored fillings are known as composite fillings and they are one of the most popular restorations in cosmetic dentistry.  They are used to restore teeth that have been damaged by decay, trauma, and fractures.    Their popularity among patients is attributed to their aesthetic similarities with natural teeth.

Through precisely replicating the appearance of natural teeth, composite fillings deliver a more attractive and safer solution to damaged teeth.  Dr. Hong is a cosmetic dentist providing personalized tooth-colored fillings in Century City.  Her experience in this field continues to provide numerous patients with restored and brightened smiles.

The fillings are applied to affected teeth after the treated area has been numbed.  Any tooth decay located will be removed and space to be treated is cleaned.  After the space has been cleaned, it will be filled with the composite filling.  An acid creates tiny holes in the tooth which allow the composite resin to bond successfully.

The acid is then rinsed away, and teeth are dried.  The priming and bonding agent will secure the attachment between the tooth and filling.  Following the procedure, you can test the filling by biting on carbon paper.   Adjustments will be made to the filling if necessary.