Her patients can be heard calling her the “smile designer.”

“I’ve been a patient of hers for almost two years now and I don’t think I’ve ever had a more pleasant experience than with her. When I come into her office, I have always been made to feel comfortable. Unfortunately, I am the kind of patient who always needs a lot of work done. I can never go to the dentist and have a simple issue to resolve, as a result, I have had major dental work done and am still in great need of more that is going to cost me way over $10,000. A couple of years ago, I was talked into getting veneers by another dentist who gave me a dirt cheap price. Having that done was a big mistake since I am unable to keep any of those veneers in my mouth–they are constantly falling out. I have found out the reason is because my bite impacts my upper teeth so when I clench my jaw the bottom teeth hit the top causing the veneers to dislodge. In order to rectify this, Dr. Kelly wants to build up my lower teeth to stop them from hitting my upper teeth. This procedure is major work and will cost me in excess of $10,000. I cannot afford that, but if I don’t get it done, I will be forever replacing the veneers that keep falling out–and each time one falls out and I need to have it replaced, it cost me another $1600. Needless to say, going to the dentist is not a pleasant experience because of the money I know it will cost.

Having said this, Dr. Kelly and her staff have done everything they can to work with me to help me find a way to take care of my issues. As stressed as I am when I go to the dentist, she always finds a way to make me feel better, and regardless, at this point in time my teeth look fantastic. She is an amazing dentist and I find every experience with her to be painless and relaxing.

A good dentist is hard to come by. When you find one, stick with them.”

(Yvonne gave Dr. Kelly and her Practice 5 stars on Yelp! on September 11, 2013)

“I had a really great experience with Dr. Kelly and her staff.

First of all, they were always kind, considerate, helpful and informative. Dr. Kelly will take the time to walk you through things and explain everything in plain understandable english. The hygienist that I went to was very helpful with giving me strategies for dental health instead of just scolding me for not doing things correctly. The rest of the staff always made things easy. My schedule is usually in flux so they were able to be super flexible on timing and made everything very easy for me with understanding my coverage and paying my bills. They were prompt and efficient with service and the office is very clean and professional. I highly recommend working with them.”

-Madeline Ce
(Madeline C gave Dr. Kelly and her Practice 5 stars on Yelp! on August 21, 2013)


“Excellent experience. Chic boutique-like office, friendly receptionist and staff. Kelly and her hygienist are young, vibrant, kind and very thorough.
I’m fortunate to not have ever had major dental work so I’m always happy to go to the dentist. The routine visits are that much better when you enjoy the environment and staff. Also, they are extremely current with technology.

I’d certainly recommend! ”

(N.C. gave Dr. Kelly and her Practice 5 stars on Yelp! on August 13, 2013, 2 check-ins here)


“I always had bad experiences with previous dentists. They never spend enough time explaining the procedure. I found this office through my friend who got his teeth whitening. I decided to give a chance and got my exam done. It was very high tech and everything was up to the date. Everyone was pretty nice to me and offered water. Dr.Kelly spent enough time to explain about the treatment. She said that I couldn’t do the whitening before my teeth cleaning. I was little disappointed at first but I am glad now that I have waited. My gum looks so much better now. I like the hygienist who spent at least 1 hour to clean my teeth. I almost gave four stars because of the parking situation. Not a cheap parking but it’s worth to get the great dental treatment. ”

-Sam C.
(Sam C gave Dr. Kelly and her Practice 5 stars on Yelp! on July 7, 2013, 2 )


“First of all I dont like the dentist AT ALL I would rather sit on an 16 hour plane ride than have a cavity worked on.
I was referred here by a friend and WOW!! The staff is INCREDIBLE super personal and nice. talkative and friendly on a real level. They dont rush you in and out. However they are booked all day and dont want to get behind schedule.
Dr Hong just filled 2 of my Cavities today. in the past my experiences with other doctors has been horrible and scary. She worked wonders and was so gentle I was shocked at ZERO pain! and it was over before I knew it!

I highly recommend this Dentist office to all! ”

-Jeff W.
(Jeff W gave Dr. Kelly and her Practice 5 stars on Yelp! on May 16, 2013,)

“I CAN NOT SAY ENOUGH GOOD STUFF ABOUT DR. KELLY!! I have been a patient of hers for a little over 3 years now. She is so great, that i used to drive from Santa Monica to Apple Valley just to be treated by her!
Her Century City office is gorgeous. It has the cleanest, most beautiful decor, the newest equipment that is available and her staff completely puts me at ease.
I have always had dental anxiety do to a horrible dentist i had when i was a kid, Dr. Kelly and her staff are so nurturing to that. I have never felt more comfortable with a dentist in my life.
I go to her for my regular check ups, but have also had to have some cosmetic dentistry done, due to botched work from the horrible dentist i had when i was a kid. Let me tell you, she is a true artist. NO ONE can tell that i have had any cosmetic dental work done. I just get compliments all the time on how perfect my teeth are and what a beautiful smile i have 😀
Over the years I have referred many, many people to Dr. Kelly and they always tell me how happy they are with her and her work and how appreciative they are for pointing them in the direction of such an amazing dentist.
If you are looking for a new dentist, look no further! You will be so happy with your experience and results!!”

-Dasi B.
(Dasi B gave Dr. Kelly and her Practice 5 stars on Yelp! on June 19, 2013,)

“Where do I begin with this place!
I have had a severe toothache for years. It was on and off for years!! I had a dentist that I went to every now and for my daughter, but no dentist that I actually could call my own.
Here’s how I ended up with kelly dental.
Suddenly, my horrible toothache was back! I couldn’t take it anymore and thought to do something about this. I couldn’t wait for longer, so I found Kelly-hong- dds that is in my area. I called in pain explaining that I wanted to be seen ASAP.
They were so comforting and assuring that they could help me! Within an hour, I was there. They had me in a seat to try to relieve me of my pain as fast as possible. The dentist and dental assistant were so much nice. talked me through the whole procedure. They made sure I was comfortable and told me what they were doing. When all was done I was pain free and numb.
Oh and the customer service all the way around from beginning to end..SUPERB!!!

I would like to thank the whole team! THANK YOU, THANK YOU!!”

-Richard H.

“It was a great experience. How professional and friendly staff. I really wounder how great her service is!!
The doctors are top-notch and have just the right touch to put you at ease in a situation that not many patients are happy to be in. Their care is excellent and the facilities are spotless. I did the Zoom whitening and continued in their care through the process of getting set up for Envisaging. They were really great to work with and made me feel at ease (and well educated) through the process. They are extremely current with technology.

I wish I could give them more than five stars.”

-Margaret K..

“I don’t remember the last time I had a GREAT experience at a Dentist. But, Kelly is amazing. She is very nice and has great communication with her patients.

I went in for a wisdom tooth extraction. Kelly made the experience: easy, painless and fast! I will be taking my mom there next month for dental implants.

She comes highly recommended from the patients I met in her office.

I almost cant wait to go back 🙂

Thanks Kelly!”

 – Kabir S., La Puenta, CA
(Kabir gave Dr. Kelly and her Practice 5 stars on Yelp! on May 13, 2013)


Headshot of America's Next Top Model, cycle 17, winner Lisa D'amat

“Dr. Kelly Hong is a smile designer!  She is the most caring artistic dentist and brought me great results.”

– Lisa D’amato (America’s Next Top Model Winner)


A black and white publicity photo of actress Rhonda Fleming taken circa 1950

“Dr. Kelly is the most caring artistic dentist and brought me great results.”

 – Rhonda Fleming, Walk of Fame Star Actress


“Dr. Hong helped me achieve a smile that I’m so proud to share with California – and the world.”

 – Lauren Ashley, Miss California USA Contestant


“Dr. Kelly was great! On-time, hassle-free, friendly. I’d go back, especially now that she has an office by me in West LA.”

 – Jeremy (a google places reviewer) 


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