Dental Implants Beverly Hills


Are you tired of taking your teeth out every night?

If you were born in the 90’or later, this article may not apply to you because you have the advantage of new technology and new philosophies of PREVENTIVE  DENTISTRY. You know, regular checkups and cleanings twice a year? Fix it before it breaks? Or nip in the bud before it grows?  The only time you hear about extractions is to get rid of those pesky wisdom teeth or to help with the placement of orthodontics.

Some of us are not so lucky and grew up in a time when we didn’t go to the dentist ‘till it hurts and the only option given was to “yank it out”. The experience was so awful that going back on our own will was unthinkable. Our parents would have to drag us there and I’m guessing many would choose to have our appendix removed instead of a trip to the dentist.

Unfortunately there are too many of us from that era walking around with missing teeth, having a hard time enjoying our favorite meals, our lower chins collapsed because our bite is so out of whack. The teeth we were able to keep are sensitive because of root exposure.

Some of us mustard up enough courage as adults to go back as adults and try to recoup or salvage our mouth. With what you ask? Full or partial dentures were the most common and affordable solution. At first the solution seemed heaven sent, you were able to smile and eat. Your confidence was restored. You were ok with dealing with the metal clasp showing on your family photos or changing your diet to fit your dentures (forget about your favorite corn on the cob). How about the denture paste that is needed when your dentures begin to loosen up? You put up with the gooey stuff on your palate because at least now you had teeth.

Many of you have grown tired of just “coping” with dentures and are looking for more “permanent” solutions. You heard of implants but never thought or knew if you were a candidate or if they were in your financial ballpark. New advances in technology, competition, and dentist willing to learn about implants have made it simple and affordable for anyone to have implants.

What are implants? Simply put, implants are artificial roots that are placed in the jaw and then restored with a crown on top of the implant . The procedure can often be done in one visit, giving you a “fixed” permanent tooth that looks, feels, and works just like your natural teeth. So if you are missing one tooth or have a full set of dentures, there is now a solution for you to join the new generation of preventive dentistry.